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Facebook Will Remove All Grey Badges From Pages

Previously, Facebook Page’s offered two types of badges, the blue badge and the grey badge! If you saw a gray badge on a Page, it meant that Facebook confirmed that this is an authentic Page for the business or organization. If you saw a blue badge on a Page or profile, it meant that Facebook confirmed that this was the authentic Page or profile for this public figure, media company or brand.

This is now changing as Facebook has recently released that all Grey badges will be removed on 29 October. According to the Facebook Pages Team, they have found that grey badges can be more confusing than helpful, but this recent change will not impact the way Pages appears in search results.

An example is shown below:

Upgraded Facebook Policy

Facebook Policies

What does this change mean to Business pages with the grey badge? 

Although Facebook mentioned this change will not impact the way Pages appears in search results, it is important for us to follow best practices to improve page visibility and follower engagement. Some ways you can do this are listed below:

  • Select the categories that best describe your business
  • If you own a business with a physical location, add your address
  • Add a profile picture and cover photo to your Page
  • If you have a website, add it to your Facebook Page
  • Update your hours
  • Turn on recommendations
  • Encourage people to follow your Page
Kiran Sandhu

Kiran Sandhu is an avid digital marketer who received her BBA degree from the Schulich School of Business, where she specialized in marketing and operations management. She is responsible for educating clients on trends, strategy, and advertising products. As resident of Toronto, Kiran has spent the past 3 years in digital marketing with clients across Auto, Retail, and SMB verticals.

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