FBA Management

As an approved Amazon Seller, you have two delivery options to choose from. You can either pick and ship your merchandise by yourself (Fulfillment By Merchant), or you can pay to have Amazon do it for you (Fulfillment By Amazon).

FBA is a service that Amazon provides for its sellers in which they assist them with storage, packaging, and shipping logistics. This helps take the shipping burden off of sellers and grants more flexibility in their selling practices. By choosing this option, the only thing an Amazon Seller does is prep and send their products to their closest Amazon’s fulfillment center. This is so that when a customer buys a product from Amazon’s platform, Amazon picks it up from their storage centers, packs it, ships it, and provides customer support even after delivery.

It is very advantageous to choose this option when selling your products on Amazon, but Amazon's FBA program is not the easiest to manage. There are several factors that you have to take into account: proper labelling, packaging, approval for products, shipping, specific regulations, etc. Any failure in any of these factors can compromise the performance of your sales. But don’t worry; that’s where we come in!

Here at MRKT360, we are experts at handling the ongoing management of your FBA account. Keep growing your market and revenue without worrying about tedious processes by leaving it to us to do the handiwork for you!