Life as a Google Premier Partner

Daily Life as a Marketing Agency

Connection is key when you work in Marketing and Advertising. The best agencies are not the ones who sell the most, but the ones that manage to bring customers and businesses closer together.

Thankfully there are other companies who recognize how important this job is, and work hard to give us the tools to do our job better.

What is a Google Partner?

The Google Partners Program premiered in 2013 to offer agencies the tools, resources, and assistance so that agencies could help their clients grow even further.

But the industry keeps changing, and both agencies and Google need to continue growing to adapt to cover new grounds and navigate changing tides.

More than just friends.

Today, Mrkt360 is proud to be recognized as a Google Premier Partner, awarded to the top 3% partners in their countries.

Being a Google Premier Partner is more than just a status symbol. Google offers their partners benefits to help them grow and better contribute to their clients’ development such as:

  • Product betas: Access to the most current product betas through quarterly, summarized reports.
  • Insights Briefing: The latest insights from Google each month to stay ahead of changing consumer behaviours and industry trends.
  • Promotional offers: To give new clients’ advertising budgets a boost with Google Ads credits.
  • Advanced Google Ads support: Access 24-hour advanced ads support to help you quickly and efficiently resolve your clients’ issues.
  • Executive experiences: Attend invite-only industry events and hear from industry thought leaders on the future of the industry.
  • Google Partners directory: More visibility for your agency for businesses looking for new marketing opportunities.

Badge requirement transparency

Being a Google Premier Partner isn’t an exclusive club where you can only get in if you know someone on the inside. Google has sought to be transparent in terms of the necessary accomplishments to earn the badge. The main elements are:

  • Having an optimization score of at least 70% to show their clients’ accounts to perform well
  • Spend at least $10,000 USD in a 90 day period to show they can help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities.
  • Have at least 50% of your account strategists certified for their proficiency in Google Ads.

It’s about the win/win

In Marketing, the agency grows only if its clients grow. It’s a game of trust where the agency has a lot on the line. 

Businesses are always looking for assurance that their investments in marketing will yield results, and the Google Premier Partner badge is a good indicator that they’re placing their growth in capable hands.

Mrkt360 is a Goggle Premier Business Partner marketing company located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization services. If you want to drive traffic to your site, rank higher on Google and boost your online presence with the best tools in the industry, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today!

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