Moments In The Life Of A Canadian Consumer

As we all know, when someone has a question, they will likely go on their smartphone to seek the answer. The biggest challenge for businesses, however, is to understand how consumers think and act when they turn to the internet for answers. These micro-moments are extremely important opportunities for marketers to win over consumers with a strong brand and influence purchases and preferences through stellar marketing. This is the biggest challenge for businesses today. We, a digital agency that offers marketing consulting and SEO services in Canada are here to help.

Each and every day, Canadian consumers have micro-moments where their intent to purchase or connect with brands is high. If you can predict when these micro-moments occur, and identify what consumers are looking for at that very moment, you will have ample opportunity to connect with and influence multiple consumers. We are partnered with Google as a result of our SEO services in Canada, and we have gained access to some extensive consumer research. Google has identified some pivotal micro-moments in the life of a Canadian consumer, so your brand can get a head start on understanding your potential consumers.

1. “1 in 2 Canadians who conducted research on their smartphone have purchased a brand they wouldn’t normally because of relevant information in the moment (Think with Google, 2016).”

The greatest way that brands can connect with consumers is right when they are looking for the information. Evidently, your company needs to identify what questions your potential consumers are asking, and answer them as they go through their purchase journey.

You have the ability to intersect the consumer’s path to purchase, evident through this statistic. 1 in 2 Canadians purchased from a brand they normally would not purchase from because of the information that proactive brands provided during the consumer’s moment of need. This also helps to create a positive perception of your brand. Consumers are looking for all kinds of information, so make sure to target standard brand search terms, as well as category and affinity search terms.

2. “88% of Canadians have discovered new products or brands online through search results, through an online ad, and when watching videos online (Think with Google, 2016).”

There are also situations where your potential consumer does not know exactly what they are looking for. This is the perfect opportunity for you to give them ideas and inspiration on what they need. Sometimes, potential consumers only have a general idea of what they are looking for, and go on the internet to explore and learn more about the topic. For example, a couple may be looking for a crib for their newborn. As they are new parents, they may only have general knowledge on what to look for in a crib. Thus, they go online to learn a little more about baby crib features, and stumble across brands, products, and features that they have never heard of before, but now know they absolutely need for their baby.

88% of Canadians also behave this way, so it is up to you as a brand to be present in search results, online advertisements, and online videos at the right times. Taking a quick trip to Google Trends can tell you what sort of topics are popular in your specific product categories.

3. “Over ½ of Canadians use their smartphones to take action right away when an unexpected problem arises (Think with Google, 2016).”

Smartphones provide a quick and easy answer to almost everything. For example, if you’re wondering why your banana bread doesn’t quite look like the photo in the recipe, you would probably Google a solution rather than calling up your mom or your friends.

For a quick solution, 50% of Canadians will pick up their smartphone when an unexpected problem arises. As a company, you need to think about what your consumers may need help with, and be there to efficiently and effectively answer their questions at their time of need. Your content needs to be short, sweet, and to the point, as we know our Canadian consumers are often pressed for time in these situations.

4. “Among those who researched a product or brand on their smartphone, 70% have then immediately visited a store or website (Think with Google, 2016).”

You wake up in the morning and check Facebook, only to realize that it’s your sister’s birthday, and you totally forgot to buy her a present! You don’t have much time during the work day, so you go online to check if that new pair of headphones she was talking about is in stock anywhere. Thankfully, they have the right headphones in the colour and style she wanted at the mall near your workplace, so you can pick it up during your lunch break. Phew! Problem solved!

It is situations like these where the customer has the intent to search, and immediately go and do. In fact, 70% of Canadian consumers who researched a specific brand on their smartphones will then visit the website or store. Businesses need to be there during these key moments, with pivotal information like a phone number, product stock, nearby locations, and clear addresses and business information. During these quick moments, consumers will often choose the option that is more convenient for them, rather than due to brand loyalty. Therefore, you should make it easy for them to find information on your business. If you show that your brand offers ease and convenience, the customer is more likely to do business with you again.

5. “When Canadian smartphone users need to buy something, 40% will take action right away on their smartphones (Think with Google, 2016).”

Sometimes, consumers spend hours, days, weeks, or even months researching on a big purchase like a laptop or a new car. Smaller, less important purchase decisions may require less effort and thought. For instance, one may look at their hands and immediately book a nail salon appointment. Another person may realize they need a new fishing rod right before heading out on a family camping trip and head out immediately to buy it.

40% of Canadians will take action immediately on their smartphones if they need to buy something. These are the moments where brands need to provide a quick and seamless research or purchase experience. These are extremely important moments because the consumer often has not fully made up their minds yet. For example, the family heading out for their camping trip may not be experienced fishers, so they are open to different brands, styles, and stores. Brands need to be there to provide helpful information, in order to win business.

With the increasing use of mobile searches, it is more important than ever to be there during Canadian consumer micro-moments. Brands need to find out what types of moments are occurring for their target demographic, and respond to their needs, in addition to giving them the opportunity to connect with the brand. If you continuously provide consumers with what they need, you may not even need to interrupt their micro-moments any longer… they will automatically choose you. Contact a local digital marketing agency that provides SEO services in Canada, to gain more insights on how to be there during the Canadian micro-moments of your industry.

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