Mrkt360 Invited To The Facebook Summit 2018

This year Mrkt360 joined Facebook at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for a jam-packed day full of inspiration, education, and community building. We discovered how mobile can build your brand, grow your business and deliver measurable business results. What we especially loved was the afternoon session for women: #SheMeansBusiness.

The morning started off with keynote discussions from Nada Stirratt, Vice President Global Marketing Solutions @ Facebook North America , Garrick Tiplady, Managing Director @ Facebook Canada and Lisa Mccarthy, Founder & CEO @ Fast Forward Group.

We loved Lisa Mccarthy’s session on the why and the how of writing a Fast Forward Vision for your business and your life one year from today. She spoke about using your Fast Forward Vision to stay focused on what’s important, galvanize others, and show up as the person you want to be. Make this your year. We recommend checking out the exercise she did here.

There were three different sessions at the event, which were called “tracks”. Each track provides the latest creative, measurement and product solutions by business objective. We  have put together the key takeaways from all three tracks of the event and encourage you to share with your team and choose a couple to tackle right away:

Boost Brand

For brand builders, we know that consumer behavior is undergoing a transformation cultivated by technology, making it challenging to build and maintain brands while also innovating and improving ROI. This track shares some of the opportunities ahead and demonstrates how Facebook can help build strong brands in an increasingly complex world.


  • Growing brands with video
  • Instagram Stories
  • Measuring brand impact
  • Creative best practices for brand campaigns
  • Mobile brand building, obstacles, and what the future holds


Here are actions you need to take:

  • Match how people watch
  • Make creative that connects
  • Measure what works


Break Boundaries

For those with online business objectives, this track centres on the importance of mobile-first sales channels to efficiently acquire customers and grow LTV over time. It also showcases the role of growth marketers in both organizational and industry level transformation agents.


  • Growing businesses online, locally and globally
  • Messaging for businesses
  • Creative that drives conversions
  • The future of measurement
  • Measurement philosophies and actions to unlock growth


Here are actions you need to take:

  • Build for how people buy
  • Measure what matters
  • Build connections that count


Build Bridges

For businesses with physical locations, the realities of cross-device and cross-channel movement make it more important than ever for marketers to measure their efforts. This track reveals go to market strategies that help marketers drive business impact by increasing sales lift and foot traffic in physical locations.


  • Building businesses for the way people buy
  • How online efforts drive impact offline and measuring what matters
  • Leveraging offline insights to find new customers online
  • How insights unlock transformational growth


Here are actions you need to take:

  • Consider lifetime value, and build loyalty
  • Build for mobile and video
  • Transform communication, and connect with messaging
  • Think measurement, and adopt a test and learn philosophy


After these sessions, Facebook held a women’s only afternoon session. They did a great job by celebrating the contributions, creativity and collaborative efforts of women who work for the win, place people before policy and forge a legacy of leadership on a daily basis. What we especially loved was the opening line of Nada Stirrat. She said, “We believe that when women succeed, society soars. When women do better, communities thrive.” We couldn’t agree more!

Overall, we had a wonderful time and left the event inspired as ever! Shoutout to @Facebook and #SheMeansBusiness for making this possible!

Kiran Sandhu

Kiran Sandhu is an avid digital marketer who received her BBA degree from the Schulich School of Business, where she specialized in marketing and operations management. She is responsible for educating clients on trends, strategy, and advertising products. As resident of Toronto, Kiran has spent the past 3 years in digital marketing with clients across Auto, Retail, and SMB verticals.