Right Data = A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective decision making is what companies need to survive in this competitive and globalized market. If these decisions are based on the wrong data, your company won’t have the expected results. Your marketing decision play an important role on your relationship with your costumers and the participation of your company in the market.

Where to start on a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

The first thing you need to do when planning to implement marketing strategies to your business, you need to set goals.

Set your goals. Then measure the performance of those goals by setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of the project. KPIs work with measurables values, so when you gather information from your clients you want to make sure is the right data for your KPIs, having too much information may create confusion.

Some of the commons goals of marketing strategies can be generate leads, increase sales, increase traffic to your website, create brand awareness, etc. No matter what your goal is, you won’t know if your strategy performed the way you expected if you don’t set KPIs for them and if you don’t gather the right data to do the right measurement.

Past information is useful too!

The information you gather in the past about your clients, and the performance of your past KPIs can help you to predict future performance of your marketing strategies.

Learn from your past mistakes, keep track of what strategies don’t work, but keep the strategies that do work.

Denisse Gracia

Denisse is a marketing student at the Monterrey Institute of Higher Education in Mexico with an interest in Market Research and Neuromarketing. She's enthusiastic about learning new technologies and tools for digital marketing.

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