What Does The Consumer Want? 3 Ways To Find It, Online

That is the big question, eh? Whether you are in a company’s marketing department or a small business owner, you wonder about this every day. 

Change is the only constant in life, which also occurs with necessities, trends, fashion and purchasing habits. It takes special attention to detail and deep analysis to guess the market’s wants and act.

But we can get a clear picture of our target market online. 

Here are 3 online methods to get to know your target market better.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a rare gem, but it changes how content is created. Diving into this through SEO gives out great pointers to understand your target market’s needs and wants and improve your sales.

It’s important to understand what your ideal consumer is looking for, but it’s crucial to know if they find it on your website. With that in mind, creating effective strategies gets easier.

Hiring SEO Services from a marketing agency or a specialized SEO Agency can be the start to better understanding your potential customer’s behaviour and your business possibilities.

Behaviour Metrics

This is a great tool to know if the content of your website appeals to the visitors and potential leads. The time they spend on your page tells you more than you think. 

Pay special attention to the Bounce Rate. It tells if visitors surf through your page or just enter and leave instantly. If the Bounce Rate is high, you have a few problems; your content is not engaging, or you are attracting the wrong type of visitor.

There are many solutions. You can try interactive content, such as video, bold imagery, FAQ, or a responsive and dynamic web design. This will help you increase your visitor’s time on the page and engagement. 

Another answer to the bounce rate is optimization. Not all enterprises are SEO experts or have a specialized in-house department, let that to the professionals. 

If you are hiring an SEO Company to help you with your site’s ranking, consider optimizing the content. One reason people leave a website is that it doesn’t load quickly.

Even as a small business, finding affordable SEO options is possible. There are hundreds of companies offering online SEO services with made-to-measure alternatives.

 Benchmark and Social Media

Let’s go back to basic marketing. See what the competition is doing. If you identify a need in the market, suffice it. 

Take a stroll around the social media park to see what’s cooking among your competitors. What are their customers saying? Are there unconformities or desires not met? Look out for design, tone, and strategy gaps.

Look for keywords related to your business on social media and get the hang of the users’ needs and wants. 

This will help you sketch a detailed CV or profile of your target market and adjust your communication to engage with them. This is also a great way to refine your business’s Unique Selling Point.

Wrap It Up and Sell It

The online world offers the most amazing tools to fix the path to business success. All the information is out there, but you must look deeper. Digital technology is such an exciting era to be living in.

MRKT 360 is an SEO marketing company in Toronto focused on helping client meet their business goals. Schedule a quick consultation with one of our experts today and start understanding your target market for the better.

Adan Tamez

Adan is a copywriter and commercial photographer from Monterrey, Mexico. His two passions, words and imagery, led him to pursue a degree in Communication and Advertising at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and a Professional Photography Diploma at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He also enjoys writing short stories and documentary film photography.

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