Why Instagram Sales Should Not Be Overlooked?

Instagram has gained popularity with people and businesses that have been looking to grow online these last couple of months. Due to the fact that the current pandemic has changed the way trades and business operate right now, this social network is a key tool that can benefit your business when you’re planning to expand your marketing strategies.

With this in mind, let’s delve into more information, facts and recommendations that you can integrate into your online business strategies so you can take advantage of this resource.

Instagram Shopping

First of all, let’s start by taking a look at what Instagram Shopping is. This post format is a tool that visually motivates users to interact with the products they see on their screens. You can tag your own products in them and direct customers to their specific descriptions, similar products or instant purchase pages. 

According to statistics presented by Omnicore, 70% of people who are planning to buy a product, look for it on Instagram. With 2 million monthly advertisers and 25 million registered business profiles, Instagram is one of the best platforms to visually promote your products; a third of the most viewed stories are from businesses who are advertising on the platform! Apart from the business accounts, there are 130 million users that interact with shopping posts to learn more about what companies offer, leading their purchase paths closer towards conversion.

How to promote your business on Instagram

With these statistics, we can now focus on explaining how to promote your products on Instagram, what strategies to use in order to reach more people and get more users to convert.

  1. Single posts: When creating Instagram shopping posts, the platform allows you to tag a maximum of 5 products per image to direct users to your shopping page. You can make different kinds of posts, some featuring your products or showcasing models who are using those products. Create new environments, push a need through these images, give a unique experience to your customers and let imagination fly!
  2. Carousel posts: The advantage of carousel posts is that you can tag up to 20 products in your images. This post format can let you create a complete catalog of a collection of your brand. Regardless of what you’re selling, that being jewelry, clothes, food or different services, you can get creative and showcase collections to your clients.
  3. Instagram Stories: Instagram stories offer a more interactive way to reach your customers. This is a perfect way to drive sales. Customers can tap directly to your product stickers to get more information and convert! Stories give personality to your account and promote consistent profile activity without oversaturating your feed. Exploring stories can get more engagement with your target audience.
  4. Keep the momentum going: Try to keep followers and potential customers engaged. Instagram can be a good alternative to reach more sales, but the importance of updating your profile consistently is vital. Some ways to strengthen your engagement are:

    a) Activate a shop tab when creating your first shopping post.

    b) Tag at least one product in your posts.

    c) Use your account to announce new sales, products, and promotions. Your followers will like it!

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Irving Alexis Martínez

Alexis is an internationalist from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico State and a diploma from McGill University. With interest in international politics and digital marketing, he’s enthusiastic about the importance of digital marketing in a globalized world as well as passion on sharing his ideas with the right words at the right moment.