Why is YouTube Marketing Good for your Business?

Many businesses are skeptical to use YouTube advertising over other channels of paid search advertising. A lot of businesses  believe that their target audience is not on YouTube – this can not be correct since YouTube had over 2 billion users worldwide in 2019. There is an active market on YouTube that marketers need to tap into. 
In 2020, with the Global Pandemic shutting down outside places of entertainment, more and more people watch videos on YouTube. 
Your target audience is definitely on YouTube and  smart marketers will be able to reach this audience to increase their brand awareness and improve their overall brand presence. 
Here Five facts about YouTube to give you an understanding its marketing potential:
  1. YouTube has been downloaded over 5 billion times on Android devices, making it one of the most downloaded apps along with the likes of Facebook and Google Play Services.
  2. After Netflix, YouTube is also the second most-preferred platform for viewing videos on TV screens among 18-34-year-olds.
  3. Canadians watch more YouTube than anyone in the world! According to a marketing-research company that specializes in measuring digital activity, ComScore, 71% of Canadian Internet users ~ 17.6 million people, visit YouTube every month.
  4. Video, by its very nature, engages with the prospect and keeps them watching to find out what happens next—and compels them to take action. In fact, according to a SmallBizTrends study, 70 percent of marketers say videos are responsible for most of their conversions.
  5. Video is also one of the top five most used content types among B2B marketers, with 71% of them using it. 
All these facts  show that YouTube should be a part of a company’s marketing mix. Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, having a YouTube marketing strategy can have a positive impact on the growth of your business. 
Are you considering using YouTube advertising to reach your customers? Do you know the right YouTube ad type for your business? Mrkt360 can help you choose the right YouTube strategy for your business. Leave the advertising to us while you build your business. 
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Esha Joshi

Esha is a Digital Marketing Manager at Mrkt360, an acclaimed SEO company based in Toronto. Esha specializes in content creation and online marketing management. When she is not busy optimizing client campaigns, she likes to share her views on current marketing topics on the Mrkt360 blog. At home, she can often be found running after her ridiculously amazing kid.